Was Gordon Brown's autocue problem a positive sign for him ?

Gordon brown has promised more substance and less presentation if he becomes Labour Leader, and surely the autocue problems today highlight this clearer than he could have hoped.

Despite the fact that it was a clear cock-up, was it altogether that bad ? After all, his speech was actually quite good, he spoke with passion and feeling, in a way I have not heard him speak before. I actually felt that a lot of time and effort (probably 13 years of time and effort since Blair became leader) had gone in to it and yes, although the autocue thing might have been a problem, it did say to me that it was the least of his worries.

You just know that Blair's team would have been fretting over the autocue, camera positions and press in a way that Gordon Brown's people wouldn't.

So I don't think it was all that bad, and in many ways, I actually see it as a positive sign.


Anonymous said...

Brown spoke with a passion, i agree, unseen before. He is also more camera-friendly than i think some may have previously anticipated.

The more i see of him, the more i prefer him to the smarmy and smug posturing of Mr Cameron, whose policy-lite, spin-saturated style is insulting to the intelligence of the British electorate.

It is, however, alarming that he has built a poll-lead already solely on the basis of i'm-a-decent-guy eyes, some posing on bicycles, photo-ops with children & ethnic minorities, and a trip to the arctic.

All i can say is, the French wouldn't fall for it.

Darren G. Lilleker said...

I note thought that Brown's former spin doctor Charlie Whelan looks at things like the gaffe as part of a differentiation strategy, as guided by his team of advisers and his wife the Macauley in PR firm Hobsbawm Macauley so it may be a sign of a new type of PR rather than a more authentic delivery.