Chairman of Electoral Commission pulls out of Iain Dale interview - Draw your own conclusions from this

Iain Dale mentioned some time ago that he was going to be interviewing Sam Young, Chairman of the Electoral Commission on his show on 18 Doughty Street. Now, all of a sudden, he has pulled out of the interview.
The question has to be asked, why do this right now ?

Could it be the debacle over the Scottish elections ? Might it be the farcical way in which local election counts have been carried out in some districts using less than transparent electronic methods of counting ?

Whatever his reasons are, it is a shame that a public servant is avoiding this important opportunity for questions to be put to him. 18 Doughty Street's audience is a highly educated, politically sophisticated one and it is the ideal method for proper searching questions to be put to him. I know from Iain Dale's comments that he was looking forward to asking those important questions that need to be answered.

As it stands, it appears that Sam Younger is simply wimping out, and given the problems at the moment, it is a disservice to everyone who is interested in protecting democracy and cares about politics.

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