A visit to my old council ward

I went to Fakenham after work today to go to the dentists. Having taught in Fakenham a few years ago and been councillor there until last Thursday I am always inundated with people wanting to speak to me, which is lovely, but when you are in a hurry, like I was today, it can get a bit awkward.

So I arrived, parked, quickly dashed across the road and thought I'd got away with it when suddenly a car tooted its horn at me and the driver quickly pulled over clearly wanting to speak to me. "Don't they know I am not their councillor anymore" part of my brain screamed.

Anyway, the car pulls up, the window winds down, and I am confronted by Sean Mears, one of the new Liberal Democrat councillors for my old ward of Fakenham North.

"It's all your fault" he said, pointing at me with a grin on his face. And so Sean has learnt his first lesson, as soon as you volunteer to do anything for a political party, you get dragged in to it more and more until eventually you get elected to something. Still, Sean was very excited about his new role and the council work as well. He'll learn !

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