Things that really annoy me; Number 2 - Flat Pack furniture

I didn't blog yesterday as I had to construct some flat pack furniture. I have never liked putting flat pack stuff together, however, for some odd reason, my wife does. She is, at the moment, quite pregnant so the task of constructing the computer desk and drawers fell to me.

Why do MFI insist on selling flat pack stuff, but only tell you when you open the packaging that you will need glue, that they do not provide ? Okay, first obstacle overcome as my brother lives five minutes away and he has lots of glue.

Next problem, They don't provide enough of one type of screw meaning I cannot attach a handle. Again, I overcome it by searching my tool box and finding one odd screw from some other project which seems to fit well.

Next problem, why have I got two screws left at the end ? I look carefully to check I have done everything correctly. I have, it just appears they have given me too many of a particular screw in order to worry me,

Finally, after constructing the desk and drawers, I put together the monitor stand, but MFI provide nothing to attach it to the desk. Presumably they expect the shelf just to move around the desk or that it be glued in place. A trip to MFI to buy some screws and wood fixings sorts it, but again, isn't this a problem MFI should deal with, not me ?

No wonder MFI are in financial problems. To be fair, now it it together, this desk I am sat at now is a good desk, sturdy and stylish. However, would I buy from MFI again ? I don't know. I don't know if it is MFI or simply a problem endemic in all flat pack stuff.

Rant over.

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Tristan said...

I quite like flat pack furniture, especially if I can take it apart to move.

Your set there sounds terrible though. Glue should be provided and having missing screws is bad (I once had a missing piece of dowel, and could not find anything suitable anywhere... ended up improvising with other things).