Lib Dem group leader elected unopposed in Broadland

Due to a major cock up by the Tories (they turned up with the nomination papers 50 minutes late), Liberal Democrat Group leader Stuart Beadle has been re-elected completely unopposed in Reepham in Broadland.

I could make some flippant comment, but I don't know whether it was traffic problems or just a misunderstanding on the part of the Tories. What is interesting is that Stuart Beadle's ward, the rather lovely town of Reepham has now been Lib Dem held for the last seventeen years. What makes the seat even more interesting is that it is also the location of the home of local Tory MP Keith Simpson. It is good to know that he will still have a Lib Dem District councillor to go with the Lib Dem county councillor, and you never know, he might even have a Lib Dem MP after the next election !

P.S. Congratulations to Lib Dem Voice for beating me to this story again !!!

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Anonymous said...

What a tosser (the Tory candidate). That said, small fry compared to all of this