People are unfair to George W Bush

I've heard it said and seen it read that George W Bush has the blood of Iraqis on his hands and that his policies are concerned only with America, and he cares little about anyone outside of America.

Quite clearly this is incorrect.

he also has the blood of Americans on his hands and he also cares just as little for American lives as he does for anyone else's life in any other part of the world. After all, why would he allow a law to lapse that prevented the purchase of automatic weapons.

With regular school shootings every six months or so, the death toll under George W Bush as a result of his policies is getting higher and higher.


Tristan said...

Surely that's not a federal decision? Its up to the states (except when they come into contravention of the US Constitution, as Washington DC has recently) (its localism in action - the US is a great liberal society on that point - except both parties seek to undermine it).

To blame this on Bush is crass and plain populism. Whatever Bush's faults are, the deaths of these people are not on his hands, they lie firmly in the hands of the person who killed them.

Anonymous said...

But it was a federal law that was allowed to lapse, not state law. It was labelled as one of the major triumphs of Bush's first term.