GMTV phone scam statement shows what liars they are !

This morning, after the BBC had revealed to the world the scams that GMTV had been running, GMTV read out live on air a very forthright statement claiming that their premium phone lines had been independently verified, they had been scrutinised and they had rigorous procedures that had been adhered to at all times.

This evening, a very different statement came out, which has been covered HERE.

Two questions come to mind to ask GMTV.

1) Why did it take you ten days since being contacted by the BBC about this before you suspended your phone lines (remember, they were taking nearly £50,000 a day in profit on them !)

2) How come you discovered a problem with your operator and cancelled your contract with them in the hours between 8am and 5pm today, but in the ten days previous you had found nothing wrong with them ?

Oh, and another question, since your statement read out on air this morning was complete and utter bullshit (as has been proved by your later statement), why should anyone ever believe GMTV again ?

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Rob said...

GMTV, or "News Lite" have made themselves look like prats over this.

I guess the lesson is not to defend something in an instant statement when you can't actually be sure that what you are saying is true.