Another tale of a silly Lib Dem candidate - Oh dear !

Dizzy has brought another tale of candidatitus, a disease that affects a few daft candidates in all parties, to be fair.

This time its a Lib Dem in Salisbury who has withdrawn so as not to split the Labour vote ?

I don't know if she realises that Labour are very unpopular at the moment and that by her not standing she is proabably helping the Tories as many Lib Dem voters will vote for anyone but Labour.

Oh dear, oh dear. At least the Lib Dems are not being accused of telling people it's a sin to be gay and preaching creationsism like certain much more high profile Tory candidates.

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Tom Papworth said...

Oh for the love of..!

Why on earth do some Lib Dems persist in thinking that we have some sort of natural affinity with Labour and should unite against the Tories. We are not two sides of the same coin!

Labour is a statist, corporatist, authoritatian party that believes that government can make better decisions about our lives than we can. I struggle to see what we have in common.