Iain Dale makes a good point about silly a Lib Dem candidate's comments

I agree with what Iain is saying here 100%. To denigrate a candidate because of their age is ludicrous. of course, it does not stop Iain and other from denigrating Ming Campbell because he is older than "Call me Dave" Cameron, but that is not what this story is about.

Four years ago my running mate in Fakenham North, Simon Wright, who is now Lib Dem PPC for Norwich South, was rubbished on the door by the opposition simply for being too young. It didn't stop him winning by 350 votes, but if that is what can happen to a 22 year old then it is wrong.

The silly Lib Dem Iain refers to should withdraw their comments and should be told by their local executive to act with more restraint in the future.


Paul Walter said...

Totally agree, idiotic remarks. We have 2 x 18 year olds and a couple of 20 year olds standing in West Berkshire.

Tom Papworth said...


You've forgotten that we also have the youngest councillor in Britain (due to an uncontested district seat).

Top marks on age range, I think!