Another evening, another Tory PPC on Radio Five

Just listening to Five Live as I cleaned my teeth and yet again Anita Anand has another Tory PPC on her show. Is she sponsored by the Tory Party or looking for a seat herself ? Talk about political bias, it is ludicrous just how many nights a week she has a Tory PPC on her show.


Iain Dale said...

what I don't understand is this: you posted at 9.55pm, 5 minutes before Anita's programme started. Do you always have such early nights? I think we should be told.

Anita doesn't pick her guests. Her producer does. James Gaddas is not a Tory PPC. He, like me, is on the candidates list. He hasn't been selected yet. I suspect he is on because he is quite a famous actor - was in Coronation Street and is star of Bad Girls.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, since the clocks changed my postings alwys seem to be one hour out.

The guy on last night was a youth worker and a Tory PPC for a London seat which they named, but I cannot remember the seat now.

Now I've got to go in to the settings to make sure my blogger posts are actually posting in BST and not GMT.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Having now updated my time zone (blogger does not have one for British Summer Time) , the time of the posting has now altered.

Iain Dale said...

Maybe they had two on then...!