Are the Tories really supporting charges for educational resources ?

The BBC had had to withdraw one of its services "BBC Jam", an education service that can be accessed by schools and parents to help support the National Curriculum, because it might affect commercial enterprises who would normally charge a fee for such services.

It appears the Tories are on the side of the commercial enterprises in the case, certainly this is the opinion I get form reading their quotes on the matter HERE.

If BBC Jam is stopped for good, it will effectively mean that low paid parents will have to pay in order to help their children with their education rather than use a service provided by the BBC. Educational software is far fro cheap, with much of it costing far more than the £30 that is typical for a computer game.

I guess "Dave" won't be telling parents that the Conservatives support removing free educational support from the internet to be replaced by commercial software at commercial prices.


Tristan said...

How about we axe the TV Licence fee and privatise the BBC?
Then the parents will have more money to spend on their children's education.

The BBC distorts the marketplace because its funded by a tax.

I'm sure that schools or charities will also help those who are poor, and in a far better manner than the government.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You seem to assume that adverising is free to the consumer. Advertising is built in to the price of each and every itme we buy. As the most viewed channel, the BBC would assume a new role in advertising which would see advertising budgets rise and thus the cost of goods.

Also, I pre-empted your comments by pointing out that the cost of educational software is very expensive. Simply buying two pices of educational software would swamp the cost of the TV license whilst the current BBC service provides far more.

Also, why do you assume that schools suddenly have the money to give educational software to poor parents ? This argument holds no water at all.

It is also interesting that you refer to the market place. What a shame that providing educational opportunities has become something for the marketplace. Education is a right, not a commodity.