Football League to scrap draws - Pillocks

Some people are absolutely obsessed with tinkering with things until they go wrong. So why are the Football League, a successful organisation who run the lower tier of the professional game in England (but not the Premiership) considering banning draws and replacing them with penalty shoot-outs ?

As I understand it the Football League has rising attendances, has 50% more fans going than any other equivalent second tier league in the world, and has got its house in order over monitoring transfer fees and agents. So why oh why are they trying to wreck a basic part of football, that being that some teams are evenly matched.

Read the story HERE, but i think any alteration would be a travesty.

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Chris Black said...

Agree with you 100 percent on this. A deaw is part of the essential nature and tradition of the game - and often its the fair result.

There's no need for this rules vandalism - you couln't have made the Championship more exciting this season if you had used a Hollywood writer - very close at the top and bottom!