Soap Star Super Chef - Thank goodness for ITV

I was thinking the other day that there just are not enough programmes that feature actors from ITV soaps doing things that they don't normally do like skating, singing or cooking. So thank goodness for ITV's "Soap Star Super Chef".

Thanks goodness for ITV, raising the bar and setting ever higher standards in TV. Who needs the BBC anyway !


Ali Gledhill said...

So right! Sadly, the BBC is not much better.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I actually think the BBC is MUCH better. ITV series' tend to be derivative, like generic copies but lacking the oomph of the original series, which was almost certainly on the BBC.

I am yet to see any significant improvement in ITV but will I am sure Michale Grade will do something soon.

Neil Welton said...

How about a programme in which Super Chefs train to become Soap Stars? No? Me neither. However, I must admit that good old Michael Grade is already looking promising. He has already ditched ITV Play and says he is unimpressed by ITV's unoriginal output. Talking of ITV Play. When they brought it in ITV said it was for very sound commercial reasons. When they ditched it ITV said it was for very sound commercial reasons. Don't you just love ITV. Who knows, with a little luck, they might get rid of the rest of the "quiz" shows on after midnight on ITV1 - or just reduce them to one hour per night. Notice the careful use of the word "quiz". I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea. More accurate words, of course, would be "gambling", "lottery" or "odds stacked against you".