Making the most of the ten year anniversary ?

Just a thought. Al Fayed wants a 6 month delay in the hearing in to the deaths Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed to prepare evidence.

Firstly, isn't nine and a half years enough time to get evidence ready ?

Secondly, a six month delay will take us past the tenth anniversary with all the TV coverage, gnashing of teeth, sympathetic headlines and TV interviews. I would imagine that the last thing Al Fayed wants is the inquest to report before the 10 year anniversary saying it was his own drunk employee who was at fault.

Thirdly, with the ten year anniversary getting so much coverage, wouldn't you expect that a jury would be more sympathetic to conspiracy theories ?

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

Realpolitik said...

If MI5 are so good at bumping people off and covering it up why don't they just take out Fayed and have done with it?

Anonymous said...

Agree with that, too. Amen!