In honour of the ringing in my ears stopping

On Monday night I went to see the Inspiral Carpets in Norwich at "The Waterfront".

I went with a group of friends, some like me who vaguely remember the Inspiral Carpets singles, one who was a mad Carpets fans and one who was too young to know them from their early 1990's success.

All I can say is that we were all blown away by a sensational gig, exactly reproducing their sound, perfect vocals, lots of audience interaction, and all in a venue which holds about 500 people. Fantastic.

I think the ringing has now fully stopped in my ears, but it was well worth it.

So here is the video to Saturn 5 as a tribute. Enjoy !!!


Steve said...

Great band. Brings back memories.

Matt said...

Sorry matey, had missed your blog post about seeing the Inspirals! They were awesome - my ears haven't stopped ringing yet, how long did yours go for??

Norfolk Blogger said...

It took about two days. There was such a great vibe at the concert, and for once, I was bringing the average age down, which is odd at the age of 36 !

Duncan Borrowman said...

I was probably about average at 46 - Grace at 33 was a mere youngster. Though there were a couple of very young boys next to us.
The great thing was (and it was the same at Brixton 4 years ago) that however mental it got down the front, virtually everyone was really polite about.