I can't ever remember this happening to one of our candidates at a count !

I guess THIS is the sort of thing that could only happen in Northern Ireland.

A Labour activist one tried to hit me at the 1997 General Election count when I told him we would target his seat in the next local elections (which we did, and we won it), but I can't remember anyone ever being arrested.

Has anybody got any stories to share ?

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Anonymous said...

I was spat at, abused and physically harassed during the 1997 GE by a group of Trots in Muswell Hill. They wanted to beat me up for daring to wear a blue rosette. Fortunately, a police car happened to be nearby and I flagged it down. Not a nice experience.

Always seem to get into spats with the far-left, esp. over fly-posting and leafleting in the polling stations. Police are always called to install order and fairness.

Haringey is a funny place!!!