Attacking Bernard Matthews payout shows massive hypocricy

I heard on the radio that some MP's are bleating about the fact that Bernard Matthews plc are to receive £600,000 in compensation as a result of the cull of turkeys after the H5N1 outbreak.

This payout is made under the same rules that saw farmers receive compensation after the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001. I don't remember those MP's moaning about farmers receiving the payouts then, and several large farms received payments well in excess of £600,000 at the time.

With so many workers laid off in Norfolk at the moment because of the fall in sales of Bernard Matthews products, this £600,000 might be a lifeline to ensure they get their jobs back.


Anonymous said...

Who are these MPs - is there an EDM?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Apparently a Labour MP asked about it in parliament (According to Radio Five, who names him but I cannot remember), whilst Radio five added that a Conservative MP was asking about it too.