Why do you never see Philip Gould and Comical Ali in the same room ?

As I got in my car tonight and turned on Radio 4, my ears were treated to the most awful display of hero worshipping toadying crap I think I have ever heard. In the interview with Eddie Mair, Tony Blairs personal pollster Philip Gould just defied every statistic and fact that Eddie could chuck at him to repeat the line over and over again that Tony Blair is a great man, is not a liability and Labour would win the next election.

What was funny as though that Eddie Mair kept on at him in such a way that Philip Gould made himself start to sound ridiculous, so much so that Eddie likened him to "Comical Ali", the former Iraqi propaganda spokesman who denied the Americans were in Baghdad just hours before the capital fell under their control.

Top marks to Eddie Mair, particularly when Gould started going on about having politicians and leaders with conviction. Mair replied with words to the effect of

"when you talk about conviction and this Labour government it has another meaning as they may well be convicted soon" .
Well done Eddie.

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Rob said...

I think PM (Radi 4) do a good job of keeping politicians in check. Eddie Mair is as good a presenter/journalist as you will find anywhere.