What do other people's web searches tell you ?

It fascinates me sometimes how people get to my blog. I am able to see the referring websites that people come from and the web searches they have used. Interestingly, recently lots of people keep coming to my blog doing searches for "Bernard Matthews Labour Donor".

Is he ?

Ed Maxfield, in an article linked to this blog informs me that Bernard Matthews was, as recently as 1995, a donor to the Tory Party, which is amusing in many ways at it completely destroys the myth, I guess amongst Tories in the main, who are hoping desperately to write a story claiming Bernard Matthews gave money to Labour and that's why the government have allowed him to re-open his factory in Suffolk.

It is instantly assumed by some people that the only reason this government does anything for anyone is because they have been given money.

I'm not sure if this says more about the government or how this government has made people so distrusting and suspicious.

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