Iain Dale tries to bring an end to the "blogwar"

Anyone who reads Iain Dale's blog, will know that he has been subject to sustained attacks recently in the wake of his and Guido Fawkes exposure of the Smith Institute.

It appears that the government and some high profile Labour bloggers have decided that Labour being "exposed" was some sort of declaration of war, with threats, insults and solicitors letters all part of the equation.

Whilst I have little sympathy for Guido Fawkes (Paul ) who, in my opinion, takes credit for stories that others have led on, does not link properly in a way that gives credit and, in my opinion, generally lowers the level of debate, he and Iain have been targeted in a way in recent weeks which, if the accusation are true, would speak volumes about how the Labour Party is now using all its powers to even stamp on freedom of speech on the web. The question is, is it all true ?

Is it now Labour bloggers simply trying to exert as much influence on the blog as the Tories already do ? Is it just a Labour attempt to re-assert themselves in a sphere dominated by Guido and Iain Dale ?

Whatever the answer, I think what Iain Dale has said in his piece about ending the blog wars makes complete sense. However, I am even more delighted that in all the mud slinging, Lib Dem bloggers have kept almost completely out of it.


leedssouthcentral said...

There seems to be some sort of inverse law for NuLabour bloggers: *If you can't join them, (try to) beat them*. Bloggers4Labour is a fairly boring collection of trivia, and YellowPeril seems to be comatose leaving the field open to FibDems (Benji - wake up - it's what you're paid to do!), while Iain's and a number of LibDem blogs are far and away the most diverse and interesting, this one for example. Anyway, blog wars can't be won: while there's a few freethinkers still around there's no such thing as victory, or even Mutual Assured Destruction.

Chicken Yoghurt said...

high profile Labour bloggers

Like who for instance, other than a band-wagon jumping Tom Watson?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Let's put it this way chicken yoghurt, no Lib Dem I know are upet that the Smith institiute was exposed, but lots of Labour people have been.

tyger said...

I couldn't care less about The Smith Institute. I could try, but I'm not sure it would do much good. This is about blogging and hypocrisy.

Nothing more.

Francis DeMoncy said...

The attack has been led by Tim Ireland, who is definitely not Labour. He has spent most of the last two years trying to persuade people to vote anything but Labour. As Tyger said, it's about hypocrisy.

Iain Dale has yet to comment on Policy Exchange, incidentally.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I agree about Tim Ireland. It is hard to work out where he stands, although he has been anti Guido for some times, which I agree with him on.

I suggested it was Labour bloggers, but am happy to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

LibDems have kept out of it.
Read the comments Rob Fenwick just had to say something he's so full of his own importance.

What do it mean his partner is an oboe player, put like that it sounds so pompous.