The Sun shows video of US planes attacking UK troops - Are America really our ally of choice ?

Dr Liam Fox, the Tory defence spokesman said a few days ago, probably rightly, that the US was Britain's ally of choice.

Sadly, when we need our allies, they are not always there for us though. I accept that "friendly fire" incidents or "blue on blue" as the Americans call it, is a part of all modern wars. However, in order to better understand how this can be avoided in future, everyone needs to be as transparent as possible and get as many facts in to the open.

The American's refusal to hand over the video that the Sun has obtained says much for what the US thinks of us as a nation. The US claims their refusal is for "security reasons". The fact is that The Sun's video footage shows nothing that would pose a security risk. The A-10 planes they were flying are now 30 years old, are rather outdated technology and their is nothing on the tape that any foreign power would be remotely surprised by.

So what is the real reason ? Perhaps it is the USA's armed forces showing criminal negligence. One of the pilots saw the Orange markings showing it was a "friendly", but the other said it was "an orange rocket launcher", so pressed the attack anyway.

The US is quick to say that whoever leaked the video is a criminal and should be prosecuted. Perhaps they should ask, or explain , the criminal way in which they treat a so called "valued" ally.

If the US is our ally of choice, then perhaps we need to evaluate what our choices are.


Rob said...

The ITN teatime news had a real go at the US ambassadors deputy over this. He came across as having learnt his lines but not really giving a damn what the UK thinks.

Chrisco said...

Thanks for your comments.

If you can provide evidence that the Pentagon denied the existence of the tape to the Hull family I will, of course, amend the article.


Norfolk Blogger said...

http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200702/s1841902.htm mentions that the existence of the tapes was denied for four uyear, but does not make clear if it was US or UK officials who gave the information.

The Scottsh Daily Record Reports "Instead the US with, it appears, the collusion of our MoD did everything to obstruct an inquiry.

They also lied in their teeth.

They told Matty Hull's indomitable widow there was no video footage. Until, whoops, suddenly it surfaced. But even then they refused to allow it to be shown in open court at the inquest into Matty's death."

Clearly this refers to the US explicitly. The link for this is http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/columnists/lifestyle/joanburnie/

I would add that the MOD are equally culpable and my criticism of the way the US have acted in this case is matched by my annoyance and disappointment with the MOD.

Chrisco said...

I'm afraid I can't accept Joan (yesterday's article: 'My Dream Girl May Be My Sister') Burnie's opinion column in the Daily Record as evidence that the U.S. lied about the tape: it is after all opinion, not news journalism.