RAF Coltishall to become Immigrant Detention Centre

The government has announced that RAF Coltishall is to become an Immigrant Detention Centre, but has so far released few other details.

No date for the opening of this centre have been given, details of the size of the centre have not been announced and, as Norman Lamb MP has already commented, the statement "begs more questions than it answers".

The last thing we needed was an ambiguous vague answer from the government which tells us all nothing. Local people should be kept better informed than this and deserve better from the government.


Anonymous said...

They could, of course, just deport people rather than put them in camps ?

Colin said...

Didn't they say, just last week, that it would be mothballed?!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think Labour need an introduction to both an "arse" and an "elbow".