Lords slam EU over internet TV regulation

Well done to the House of Lords for producing a report that highlights the idiocy of EU plans to put the same bureaucratic burdens place on traditional broadcasters on to internet TV stations.

Some internet TV stations owe their existence to people with deep pockets (like 18 Doughty Street) and people who do it voluntarily in their spare time. These TV stations start up in the hope that a profit might be made in the future, but also in some cases simply to provide a new service to a select audience.

Putting extra burdens will simply drive these people out of business, stop new internet TV stations starting and will stifle creativity.

Yes, there might be a need for some sort of "soft touch" regulation, but not the same sort of heavy handed regulation terrestrial and satellite broadcasters face.

Read more about the House of Lords report HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The EU is too keen to regulate wherever it can.