Keith Vaz - Obsession with self promotion may get him in trouble

The following was taking from Nick Assinder's Commons Confidential column on the BBC website.

Leicester's Labour MP Keith Vaz may have enjoyed his moments basking in the radiance of his Bollywood guest, Shilpa Shetty yesterday.
But, as is so often the case, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences.
Mr Vaz found himself on the wrong end of the Commons' authorities ire when he attempted to take Ms Shetty and a huge entourage of media onto the terrace and then, later, a committee room for a press conference.
At one point Mr Vaz was told off by deputy serjeant at arms, Muir Morton, who accused the MP of "abusing his position" and said Parliament was not to be used for publicity purposes.
I now hear, however, that the authorities may not allow the matter to stay there. Further action is being contemplated.
Can I suggest a spell in the Big Brother house

I'm pleased the commons authorities can see Mr Vaz for exactly what he is. A pompous, self important, self publicising hypocrite who will jump on any band wagon so long as he gets five minutes of publicity from it. Have I given too much away about how I feel about him ?

If you are interested in other efforts by Mr Vaz to seek publicity, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

He is a prat. I cannot name one thing he has done that has been of any consequence.

Justin said...

Excellent article, Nich. Even Yasmin Alibhai-Brown had a pop at him in a recent Evening Standard article.