Football and terracing - I blame Iain Dale !

Well, what an evening.

I've had some vitriolic comments from politicians before, but take my advice, don't upset a football fan, or at least not a group of them.

I posted a few days ago on Mike Hancock MP's attempt to get a debate on having terracing at football grounds again. I personally am not supportive. It's a personal point of view, one I still have, but people have the right to disagree if they wish. A nice lady called Amanda from Sit Down, Stand up (an organisation who campaign for a return to terracing) wrote lucidly and politely on the issue, as did one of two others. Then, some people form a Manchester united message board joined in and one or two of them were a little less friendly. That was a shame as I want Manchester United to win the title this year instead of Chelsea.

So, I've removed the posting and comments (some of the comments were a bit heated).

Anyway lots of hits, lots of people reding my blog, but what a load of hassle. All I did was express an opinion.

So why blame Iain Dale ? He wrote in his guide to blogging "Don't be afraid to be controversial".

Yeah, thanks Iain, thanks a bunch !

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Jonny Wright said...

Hey Nich,

I think it's a shame you deleted the original post, and all the comments.

As you know from my comment on your original post, I disagreed with your article - but it was still a well-written article, certainly worth reading, and a lot of the debate in the comments was very worthwhile.

I know one or two of the comments were pretty overheated, but you shouldn't be scared of people reacting strongly to your views - feel happy that you're making an impact! If everybody agreed with everything you wrote, that would probably mean you weren't writing anything worth reading. (Which is certainly not the case.)

And if people say stuff that's downright abusive, just don't moderate it.