Allegations of vote rigging by the Tories in South Staffordshire

The BBC reports that the vote to deselect Sir Patrick Cormack in South Staffordshire has been declared null and void due to irregularities in the vote.

It appears that within the Conservative Party in South Staffordshire, some sort of vote rigging has been afoot as more votes were cast in the ballot than there were actually people at the meeting.

I don't know if the Tories have adopted the old Sinn Fein mantra of vote early, vote often, but it is a shocking state of affairs that some might actually rig an internal election in order to get an MP deselected.

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Neil Welton said...

Good old Sir Patrick. My kind of Conservative. What a shame more Conservatives aren't like him. I would most probably be able to bring myself to support them if they were. At least you know where you stand with him - a man of heart as well as brain. Rather like the Lib Dems of late. The trouble is I remain unconvinced by the three main parties - with less than three months to go until we vote. Anyway, thanks for a great blog which covers such a diverse range of social and political issues. Like voting - I tend to read it early and often.