Who is the idiot commentating for the BBC on the Norwich City versus Tamworth game ?

Some classics from the idiot commentating for the BBC on the Norwich versus Tamworth game.

"Huckerby has the ball" - It was in fact Robert Earnshaw (who is much, much darker skinned and a foot shorter.

"Dublin with the shot" - Actually Dickson Etuhu. They are both black, but that is no excuse.

"Etuhu with the knock down " - Actually it was Jurgen Colin. Again, both black, but no excuse.

"Tamworth have had the lion's share of the chances up to half time yet Norwich lead two nil" - Actually, the BBC's own stats in their website show the opposite (see below):

--------------- Tamworth Norwich
Shots off target --- 4 -------- 2
Shots in Target --- 2 -------- 8
Possession ---46% ----- 54%
Corners --- 2 ---------3

So the commentator obviously does not understand statistics.

Then, just before haf time he announced that "The Norwich Assistant manager Richard Dryden looks shocked by that decisions" - Actually he is the Tamworth Assistant, not Norwich.

Why are commentators employed when they clearly just cannot do the job !

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