Sorry BBC, but Norwich didn't read YOUR script

What a disappointment for the BBC. Norwich City turned up at Tamworth's Ground "The Lambs" to be slaughtered. A sloping pitch, a noisy but small intimidating crowd, a team in Norwich who struggled to get past round three every year and a BBC team hell bent on "A Tamworth win".

Well Norwich hadn't read the script.

Norwich won 4-1. Dominated for the last 75 minutes and it was Tamworth whose were caught out by their own awful pitch.

Well done Norwich. Sorry BBC !


Paul Walter said...

Let's being 'aving ya!

Have now changed photo - hopefully passes smug test


Norfolk Blogger said...

A much better picture Paul.

Thanks for your comments.

Ed said...

So long since ive been to a match i didnt recognise most of this lot. Lee Croft looked pretty good and Drury had a good game too but did Safri touch the ball at all? we should play Conference sides every week... oh, er, maybe not...

Justin said...

Quite a results! Congrats.