What the "country" really think about hunting when the Countryside Alliance don't get to fiddle the poll

The Eastern Daily Press ran a poll on their website recently to see if the Hunting Law's introduced two years ago should be repealed. Only 42% vote to repeal them. Read about it HERE.

This is interesting becaues the EDP sells more copies outside of Norwich than it does in Norwich (Norwich is really served by the Evening news), so this poll will, in the main, have been voted on by country folk.

So it is interesting to see what the country really think when the countryside alliance cannot fiddle the poll as the did in a recent radio four poll (read more about that fiddled poll HERE)


James Cleverly said...

"Only 42%" wanted to repeal the law. Or to put it another way, nearly half wanted to repeal the law.

Norfolk Blogger said...

In a country area, not really including Norwich (the urban area of Norfolk), only 42% wanted to repeal. If you take in to account the urban bits as well that wouldn't have voted, that 42% is not looking strong !

Anonymous said...

but Norfolk is really not a strong hunting area .... not many folk there depend on it for their income. The EDP poll is rather unrepresentative.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous. Your posting highlights the point I make about the Countryside Alliance not representing the country. Instead they only represent those who hunt and not the countryside as one entity.