Trouble in Fakenham - New Year

I was sorry to read in the EDP about an attack in Fakenham in the early hours of New Year's Day.

There was, in Fakenham a few years ago, often trouble on a Friday or Saturday night with some fights at closing time. Thankfully, the police have really made great strides in tackling this. I went out with the police about two years ago on a Friday night with Norman Lamb, the local MP, and saw at first hand just how hard the police and the "specials" work to stop trouble and make use of the CCTV to nip any problems in the bud.

I know the police thought it amusing that each time they wanted to have a word with some troublesome teenagers, the kids spoke more politely to me than they did the police, for the simple reason that I had taught virtually every one of them. The police did ask if I could go out with them every week !

It also has to be said that Fakenham has really turned itself around in recent years. The pubs have have got much smarter, and the atmosphere is so much more pleasant in town in the evenings, in a way that it never was before.

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Matt Marshall said...


I live down in Suffolk, but most of my family is located in Norfolk. My grandparents live in Fakenham.

I really do love going to Norfolk though, I always get the feeling that it's the way Britain should be. Norwich is by far my favourite city behind the capital, and the roads are some of the clearest in the country.

Fakenham seems to be a fairly quiet and safe place at night, I hope it continues to be so!