US attacks Iraq's fledgling democracy - Hypocrites ?

George Bush said last night that 22,000 more US soldiers had to go to Iraq to support "Iraq's fledgling democracy". However, today Condoleezza Rice says Iraq's democratically elected Prime Minister is living on "borrowed time". Read about it HERE.

Forgive me if I'm being a bit dim here, but is making threats against a democratically elected leader supporting democracy ? Surely it wouldn't be a case of the USA saying one thing, but hypocritically doing the other ?

And then of course, our government gives the US their full support. Always judge a person by the friends they keep. This says much for Tony Blair ...

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Steve said...

Never trust the Americans Nick.

On a serious note though, the Americans are playing a dangerous game, constantly promoting their support for democracy whilst at the same time undermining the credibility of the Iraqi government.

Still, when the US itself consists of about 80% gerrymandered congress seats which never change hands, why should the US of A have the right to lecture anyone on democracy ?