How many web designers must the government employ ?

The government has today announced that 551 largely defunct government websites are to be scrapped. A list of them shows just how obsessed the government has/had become with new website initiatives, but bags the question "How many web designers are employed by the government ?"

Anyone MP's who want to ask this as a written question ?


Rob said...

I think they mainly use agencies - certainly I know many agencies that have done govt work

Aaron said...

I think you mean "How many of the usual dodgy cronies".

You see each government website is probably built by a different 'government services' contractor, and because of the tendering procedure tend to be hugely overpriced, while at the same time government lack of clue results in them still being utterly awful.

I've actually worked for an agency doing a publicly funded website, it was succesful by all measures, but only because of some passionate project owners both within the agency and the publicly funded group - even in that project though I saw a lot of waste, and some utterly incompetent freelancers making a killing (and our life miserable as we tried to clean up their mess).