Old 'has been' says "Look at me, somebody, please, look at me"

Last Autumn Charles Clarke (remember him - Yes, he was a minister, lost his job after some incompetence) launched an attack on Gordon Brown, the apologised after getting some interviews, some newspaper headlines and a good deal more than fifteen minutes of fame.

Now, not having been in the news in any substantial way (I certainly don't see much of him in the Norwich Press where he is MP - at least until the next election), he has now launched an attack on Tony Blair.

His article in The New Statesman criticises Mr Blair for his foreign policy failings and a number of other things. Would anyone have noticed his article if he had failed to launch an attack on someone higher up than him in the Labour Party ?

It smacks of absolute desperation for publicity.

"Look at me everyone, look at me. I'm still here. I am alive. Why won't anyone listen ? "

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