Tories choose their man for North Norfolk

North Norfolk Tories have chosen Trevor Ivory as their candidate for Lib Dem held North Norfolk.

The fact that this selection received little press coverage, a lack of Tory "A" list candidates and passed almost without anyone noticing shows just how far North Norfolk has slipped down the list of priorities for the Tories. At the final selection the Tories only had two candidates to choose from.

Mr Ivory, has only really made the headlines once before after claiming people would be better off if Prime Minister Tony Blair killed himself !

At the time his comments were widely denounced as inappropriate, unpleasant and did little to broaden and raise the level of political debate.

He obviously hasn't learnt anything from this experience as after his selection by North Norfolk Tories he claimed sitting Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb was "nasty". One would hope that Mr Ivory's political comments will change from calling people names and saying that the country could be helped by a person committing suicide.

P.S. More information about Mr Ivory's 15 minutes of fame can be found HERE. If even the Samaritans are calling North Norfolk's Conservative candidate "beyond the pale", then heaven help them.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, I was amazed to see him call Norman Lamb nasty. I live near Roughton, I'm a Conservative member (although I admit not a very active one) and I am very unimpressed. I don't like Norman Lamb's politics but that doesn't mean I would want to engage in childish political abuse.

Anonymous said...

I think some people are being unfair to Trevor Ivory but the blame for this quite silly selection should lie with the selectors. It is apparent he is inexperienced, but why on earth have North Norfolk have set their standards so low to go for someone with a lack of experience in anything in life (bar messing about with planning law it seems which doesn't add much to the general good) rather than a tough campaigner with a record of achievement? Iain Dale and David Prior were at least decent candidates who had already achieved a lot in their life. This selection is a mistake.

Dave R.

Rob said...

Silly comment to personally attack Mr Lamb. Clearly Mr Ivory is out of his depth.

Anonymous said...

Even Trevor's blog rather suggests he knows nothing about the issues of concern to North Norfolk and is struggling to even spell correctly. This looks like a Norman Lamb walkover in North Norfolk.