Nintendo Wii - "We" can't wait !

I can't be the only one getting very excited about the iminent lauch of the Nintendo Wii, can I ?

For years people have liked to label video games systems as the spawn of the devil and responsible for obesity, crime, violence and just about any other ill the world is suffering from.

Well, the Nintedo Wii (pronounced "we") changes that. The games require active participation. The motion sensor in one of the controllers means the controller can be used a a sword, a bat in baseball, you can use it to hit the tennis ball in tennis, you can use it to replicate bowling at 10 pin bowling. Read more about it HERE.

This is the future, and I can't wait.

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Robert Rams said...

I played on the WII last night .. omg it is amazing! (friend is an ents journalist for the sun, got sent one to write a story on it!)

The tennis is out of this world, and the ten pin bowling is something else!

It is the best games consol i have ever played on.

You will love it!