Am I in the wrong demographic ?

Watching the rather poor ITV drama "Driving Lessons", two things occurred to me. Firstly, what a waste of a great cast on such a poor story.

Regarding the film, a ludicrous "love interest", completely out of nowhere and with no justification for it in the script in the part set in Edinburgh. All the story is set in a rather "twee" world like no part of England I have ever lived in, whilst Julie Walters plays a cross between her character from "dinnerladies" and Mrs Overall from "Acorn Antiques". A lot of money wasted on this I feel.

The second thing that I noticed is the advert breaks. During every break there has been an advert for "Sound of the Valleys" or "Andrea Bocelli" or "Il Davo" or "All Angels" or "Another Opera Singer". Is it me, or am I in completely the wrong demographic ? Obviously this has been researched by someone, but if someone bought me one of those CD's for Christmas, I'd be gutted. So I must be on the wrong demographic.

It's almost as bad as catching part of Countdown and realising all the adverts are for walk in baths, stair lifts, automatic garage doors or over 70's burial plans !

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Edis said...

I think the film was intended to be the "Nostalgia For Youth" 'Shirley Valentine' de nos jours...