The sort of competition you're pleased NOT to win !

Next time you enter one of those radio phone in competitions, think again or you could suffer the same problems of these people. Read HERE.

It remainds me of when my brother won a mobile phone from a can of coke (one of the text a code in competitions). When he received the phone he wanted to activate the MMS service to send picture messages. In the early days the mobile firms wanted certain information about the phone before they would activate this service. Unfortunately, when he gave them his details they informed him that Coca-cola owned his phone (or at least the initial registration of it), so they couldn't set up his picture messaging. Not as bad as the story highlighted above by the Eastern Daily Press, but an example of competitions not always delivering what they promise.

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Tom Papworth said...

It looks to me like somebody has tried to pull a fast one. I suspect theywill come a cropper.

One key point not covered in the article: did the "winners" SIGN A CONTRACT? If they did not, then surely they are not bound to make the payments and so can just cance the direct debit and wait for the provider to lose any court case.