Nasty smell coming from The News of the World

The news today that the News of the World reporter Clive Goodman was behind the phone "hacking" that provided secret and personal information about the Royal Princes Is all rather disturbing. Glenn Mulcaire, not of the News of the World was also found guilty of similar charges relating to intercepts of other people's phone messages. The whole story is reported HERE.

I had the misfortune today to be not at all well today with some virus, so was at home under a blanket at lunchtime when I saw Max Clifford being interviewed on the BBC News. It appears too that he was targeted in the wake of his refusal to do any further business with the News of the World some 18 months ago.

When asked how much of this goes on in "Fleet Street", he replied words to the effect that "It was a lot more common than most editors would let on".

Now I don't know to what extent Mr Clifford is to be believed or not, but if it is the case that mobile phone messages are being hacked in to by British Newspapers on a regular basis, shouldn't the police be launching an investigation now ?
I personally think a jail sentence would send the right message to the rest of Fleet Street that this is unacceptable behaviour.


Will said...

Careful, Nich - that article only specifically links Goodman to the Royal Family intercepts (not surprising as he was the NotW's Royal Stuff editor).

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks Will. A few words have now been altered so that it makes full sense.