Sir Peter Tapsell and apologies on behalf of Henry VIII

Funny today to see a Tory MP making the same point I was making about apologies for past mistakes by others.

Sir Peter Tapsell asked in parliament today if the Prime Minister was prepared to apologise to all women for the discraceful behaviour to women by Henry VIII. See the BBC story HERE.

Exactly the point I was trying to make, and I also though it very amusing. Well done Sir Peter !

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Unknown said...

A message to Kaz, who leaves sensible and well argued thoughts on this issue that she would rather not have published.

I certainly mean no offence, but in the same way as you might take offence at not receiving an apology, I can only re-iterate, I have nothing to apologise for.

I would add that your thoughts are valued and welcome and I think they would benefit from a wider audience as what you say makes genuine sense. It's a shame you ask me not to publish, even though you disagree with me. It is simply that we disagree on one thing, that being the importance of an apology, not the issue that slavery is and was wrong.

I cannot contact you directly because you don't leave an e-mail, but no offence to you is meant and by disagreeing with me, none will ever be taken.