No 10 attacks police - Of course they've nothing to hide !

The Times reports today that Number 10 Downing Street are upset with the police investigating the cash for honours probe have announced that charges will be pressed soon.

Quite why Downing Street are so jumpy is obvious, although according to The Times, Number 10 are maintaining the "high moral ground". Well, that makes a nice change then !

Its clear that the very bullish statement from the police has got the government rattled, however, I wouldn't be so sure yet if I was a Tory that they are clear yet as their are a lot of skeletons on funding in their closet, I am sure.

Interesting times ahead, but also a chance to draw a line under this whole affair and start to clean up politics and win back respect for politics and political parties.

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Rob said...

The Conservatives should be most scared in my humble opinion. They have had almost as many interviewed as Labour.