Is this what the Economist meant ?

A few weeks ago Iain Dale posted about the cover of the Economist that asked if France needed a Margaret Thatcher. Read it HERE.

With the selection by the Socialist Party in France of Ségolène Royal as their candidate for French president, perhaps they may have take The Economists advice.

Personally, I became involved in politics due to a loathing of virtually everything Thatcher stood for, so I would urge the French to think twice before electing a Margaret Thatcher, however, Madame Royal has very different politics to Mrs Thatcher.

I don't know much about Madame Royal, but I have read that she is prepared to move away from forever protecting the French 35 working hours a week and is meant to be tougher on law and order. A bit of a change from your traditional socialist. however, THE TIMES indicates she has also been accused of being vague and jumping too quickly on bandwagons. So similar to the opposition in the UK then.

What I want to see from a French President is a leader who will stop French lorry drivers blockading ports whilst the police just look on, an end to French air traffic control strikes and a willingness to see the EU leave Strasbourg.

Some hope !


Tristan said...

I think what they meant is they need a leader who will stand up to the unions, let people work how they want and for as long as they want in a wekk, who will move away from subsidising industry and farmers and towards opening trade. Oh and perhaps dismantling 'national champions' and letting foreign companies take over French ones if they wish to.

If they could get that without Thatcher's social conservatism and authoritarianism I think they'd do very well.

Oh, that's a liberal they need isn't it?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think the over protected French industry, subsidised by large government loans to help fund their overseas takeovers of foreign competitors is an issue that the EU should look at also.