Grade departure to ITV is dreadful timing for the BBC

Despite getting annoyed with various things the BBC do like having three Tories on every other week on Question Time or allowing Andrew Neil to rant absolute drivel every week or always leaving Everton until last on Match of the Day, I am a strong supporter of the BBC.

So to my mind the news that Michael Grade has left the BBC today to go to ITV couldn;t come at a worse time.

Important license fee negotiations are ongoing with the government. There are always those in successive governments who want to diminish the BBC either because Rupert Murdoch has told them to or because they believe that the private sector is the best way to produce things. I think ITV and Sky One show just how the private sector does not do this.

I have Sky TV and it costs me £50 a month, yet for less than three months of Sky I could get 7 Radio channels and 8 TV channels, all without adverts. And you only have to go abroad for a few days and watch the tripe served up abroad to realise just how good the BBC is.

So I am sad to see Michale Grade go. I hope he can turn round ITV, but I fear that that is the last thing that Rupert Murdoch actually wants.

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