Everyone round mine tomorrow at 9 am to break a record

1224 people called Jones met in Wales to break the world record for people with the same name meeting up. Read about it HERE.

Never one to turn down a challenge, I've decided that the Starling's will take up the challenge tomorrow at 9 am. Anyone called Starling is welcome, but e-mail me first for directions !


Norfolk Blogger said...

Just as an update - The rest of my family couldn't make it, so only two of us were here. So the Jones' record still stand, sadly.

Billy Boy said...

When read this I did shout out to a few who were around and they flew away, but obviously didn't get there on time, or I gave them the wrong directions.

A few old communists said they were going too.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the thought. There are not many famous Starlings (yet). Marlon Starling was a middleweight world boxing champ (no relation), whilst I would like to claim Stalin as a relative not because I like his policies, but I gather he was a big film buff and I'd like his collection of classic films.