BBC exposes Midland Industrial Council links to the Conservative

The BBC will on Sunday's Politics Show expose the secrets behind the Midland's Industrial Council (MIC), the secretive front organisation which funnels donations to the Conservatives whilst allowing donors to conceal their identity from the official list of party donors. Read about it HERE.

The Tories have been quick to accuse Labour of dirty tricks when it comes to party funding, but the MIC is a sign that the Tory are far from whiter than white. Indeed, given the furore and fuss the Tories are trying to make of the Michael Brown money that the Lib Dems may have to repay, you would expect them to make more of an effort on this issue themselves.

I hope the show will be shown wider than the West Midlands area as the BBC website singles out the West Midlands edition of the politics show particularly, as it will give people an insight in to how the Tories go about concealing things from the electoral commission and just how closely linked this so called independent organisation is linked to Tory MP's.

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