Labour MPs defend and stand by a liar found guilty in court

What do the electorate make of Labour MPs in "rebellion", as it was put by one reproter today, because they feel the Labour Party should have stood by Phil Woolas, the labour MP stripped of office for being found guilty in court of spreading lies about his opponent ?

It's a ridiculous decision for Labour MPs to make that they feel the electorate want them to stand by someone found guilty in court.


Alan said...

The funniest thing was hearing a Labour pol defending this on the radio, by saying they didn't want to "pre-judge" the issue.

Do they not understand that a judge and court have already ruled - it is now time to "post-judge" the issue.

In law, he is a liar and the election has been declared void. Of course, he may get the first part overturned (very, very unlikely), but until he does, he is officially a liar in law.

Anonymous said...

I too rejoice in Woolas's demise . A truly despicable little creep. However,for the Lib Dems to condemn lies in election leaflets is a joke. The Lib Dems are known nationally for fighting dirty election campaigns. I hope you are careful if you continue to be the leaflet writer for the local Lib Dem campaigns. Because I will be watching! If you tell a porky next time, I will lodge a complaint to the Standards Committee. Poeple in glass houses, etc.

Nich Starling said...

I'd be happy for anyone to re-read my leaflets. I campaign on local issues, never mention national issues (and didn't even campaign on national issues before the Lib Dems were in government), and I only use checkable facts.