No road improvements for Taverham this year - More potholes on the way ?

The planned road improvements and resurfacing that Taverham was promised a few short months ago by Norfolk County Council has, sadly, been delayed until the next financial year at the earliest, because of an "overspend" on other projects.

Parts of Taverham and Thorpe Marriott have not had their roads repaired or resurfaced for since they were built (twenty years ago) and the roads are literally disintegrating across the whole of my council ward. One more bad winter and the costs will be even higher for the repairs.

I know we are in difficult financial times, but it will not save money to delay the road repairs until next year, it will, I am certain, cost more due to the rate at which the roads are deteriorating.

When out campaigning with one of my key helpers, Carole Ward, the other day, she commented as someone who runs their own business, that if the County Council were a business it would go out of business due to its overspending and wrong priorities when it comes to spending money. I couldn't help but agree with her.

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john problem said...

There are no surplus pot-holes left in the UK. You must make do with what you have. We are actively trying to import some from Eastern Europe's legacy of Russian rule. But in the meantime please be patient, or get your own pickaxe.