Who decided to mess up traffic in Norwich North ?

You have to marvel at the stupidity of those responsible for scheduling major road works on three separate junctions and roads in the North of Norwich all at the same time as each other.

On the Fakenham (A1067) in to Norwich, traffic can come in to Norwich only (not out), whilst they have also decided to close access to Norwich from the alternative Aylsham (Cromer) Road (A140) at St Augustines (putting in a new route which is causing major traffic problems), and also reducing the number of lanes at Mile Cross Road from two to one.

In short, they have introduced three roads schemes all at the same time ensuring maximum disruption.

I suppose there might be those who argue that it is better to wreck traffic movement in Norwich at one time rather than stagger the road changes, but each of the changes in themselves are manageable, but put together they are ridiculous.