Has the official list of Tory "Spin" Blogs been revealed ?

Liberal Conspiracy has a list of all those Tory blogs who will, if the Tory Party has its way,be offering less in the way of objectivity and more in the way of Tory "spin" during the forthcoming general election campaign.

I myself was a regular poster on events during the Norwich North by-election, but at no point did the Lib Dems ask me to post a story on their behalf, rebut a story or become part of any online campaign.

I guess those Tory bloggers identified need to question why they blog. I am sure some of them would have no truck with being organs of the Tory Party's spin machine if the story reported by Liberal Conspiracy is true. But if they blog to offer their opinions and views on politics and the world, one would wonder why any of them would be told what to print.

If they anyone were to turn their blog in to the official spin machine of the party they support they might just put a link straight through to their official party website and cut out the blogging completely. And thris aplies to every party.

Update 22.02 - Comments to me suggest that the story and the list may not be correct. If that is the case I would genuinely be pleased as many of those Tory blogs are amongst my daily reads.


Quiet_Man said...

You really should check your sources more carefully, the email being touted by Liberal Conspiracy and Left foot forward is a forgery by someone who wasn't at the event and as a consequences seems to have their "facts" completely wrong.

But you'll believe what you want to believe no doubt, still you could check John M Wards site for a coverage of the meeting as well as a rebuttal to the email involved. (it's in the comments)

And no, I'm no Tory, I wont be voting for any of the 3 main parties.

Nich Starling said...

Thanks for the info.

Stephen Glenn said...

Isn't being told by the Tory party machine one what to say of the reasons that Cardiff Blogger broke his ties with the Conservative party?

Nich Starling said...

There is always the danger that control freakery would cause a backlash within every party.

Anonymous said...

But you only have to look at the comments to the post on Left Foot Forward to see how clearly a "forged email" has rattled some Tory blogger nerves.

Plus, I think Will Straw made a decent case that he didn't actually mislead anyone.

Either way, something tells me it's now Tory strategy to get bloggers to re-butt and refute anything instantly.

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