Norfolk County Council to stop gritting side roads ?

According to BBC Look East this evening, Conservative run Norfolk County Council are giving serious consideration to stopping the gritting of all side roads, with just main roads to be gritted in future. This will effectively cut off large parts of Norfolk, with roads becoming impossible to drive on and people being left unable to get off side roads on to main roads.

Where I live in Thorpe Marriott is not the flattest part of Norfolk. Marriotts way runs through the middle of Thorpe Marriott and and this whole valley will become a no go zone for buses and cars, meaning that Thorpe Marriott will be split in half because the ungritted hill will not be manageable without regular gritting. There are many other parts of Norfolk too that will suffer if Norfolk Tories have their way.

Norfolk County Council complain that some of the grit orders have been commandeered by other councils. I would ask simply why it is that Norfolk waits until January or February to order its salt and grit, presumably at sky high prices when there is peak demand, when they could have order received the grit in the summer when prices would be cheaper and delivery would be guaranteed.

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A J P said...

You are kidding me ? This is preposterous. Places like Thorpe Marriott and Taverham are actually quite hilly so this would make it very difficult for us.

Please tell us if there is anything we can do to oppose this ?