Six stories that won't make Iain Dale's Daily Dozen

1) Iain fails to report the selection of a Lib Dem candidate in Broadland (the seat which comprises part of North Norfolk where Iain has stood and part of Mid Norfolk where is friend Keith Simpson is the Tory MP.)
Iain was very keen to write of Lib Dem chanches here in his EDP column when no Lib Dem MP candidate was selected, but has been strangely silent since the selection of a well knwn local campaigner. Iain claims never to have heard of Dan Roper, which is odd as he really is not that unknown (unless you really are out of touch with Norfolk politics).

2) Southport Tories in meltdown.
Not the "We're going to win and Cameron is great" sort of stuff that Iain usually likes to highlight.

3) Tories below 40% in the polls
Errm, again, not realy good Tory spin.

4) Iain's PPC chances gone ?
Some of the comments are really insightful and explain why he is "being played" and unlikely to ever be selected for a winnable seat (which in my view would be a shame).

5) Another Cameron gaffe ?
Oh no, not again. Once, twice, three times a gaffer ...

6) The not so Rainbow Tories
Tories are all talk but no action on gay issues.


Turnip said...

Heard the one about the Tory candidate whose blog was hacked by Viagra sellers..?

Guess they expect some stiff opposition.


Jeff said...

Great idea for a post.

I suspect this one will make it, ironically!

Iain Dale said...

Seeing as you have had more mentions in the Daley Dozen than any other LibDem blogger I find this a little mystifying.

On your first point, can you explain why Roper was the only candidate presented for selection? It's a bit like North Korea isn't it?

"Well known local campaigner" is a phrase LibDems trot out to describe a Johnny come lately who no one has heard of.

Point 2: If you read my blog you will know that criticism of Cameron's approach is not exactly unknown, and I have never taken a Tory win for granted, as evidenced by my post earlier this month.

3. Again, i di actually mention this on the blog.

4. Thanks. Love you too. Really insightful? You must have been reading different comments.

5. Can't be arsed to click on the link.

6. He's one of the Europhile Tory MEPs you LibDems profess to have so much respect for.

Nich Starling said...

Iain, I am grateful for the links from anyone (well almost).

I think it was your response to the first story that was so mystifying.

But I thought you liked the playful banter of fellow bloggers having an occasional "pop" at you.

If I was wrong, then I'm wrong and I got you wrong, which would be a shame.

Dan said...

A blog post about another blog not saying things. Riotous stuff!

Paul Walter said...
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Paul Walter said...
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Paul Walter said...

Thanks for the link linking to Iain. Isn't it the "Daley Dozen"?

"5. Can't be arsed to click on the link."

You have to admire his chutzpah.